Videos Categorized by Math Category

This page is being updated daily, if you don’t find the topic that you are looking for please check back. If you want me to make a video on some topic, feel free to email me. Note: many topics are categorized by grade level.

Absolute Value – 6th grade
Completing the Square
Conversion Factors – 6th grade
Coordinate Plane – 6th grade
Decimal Addition – 6th grade
Decimal Multiplication – 6th grade
Decimal Subtraction – 6th grade
Degrees to Radians – High School
Distributive Property Part 1
Distributive Property Part 2
Distributive Property Part IV – High School
Distributive Property Part Five – High School / College
Distributive Property in Reverse – 6th grade
Equations – 6th grade
Equations 2 – 6th grade
Equations – Multi-Step
Equations – Real World – 6th grade
Equations and Inequalities – 6th grade
Exponents – 6th grade
Exponents with 0^0 explanation
Exponents – Real World – 6th grade
Expressions Equivalent – 6th grade
Expressions – Evaluating
Factoring when a = 1
Find the Missing Angle – Vertical and Supplementary Angles
Greatest Common Factor – 6th grade
Inequalities – 6th grade
Inequalities – Graphing
Integers – Adding and Subtracting
Integers – Multiplying and Dividing
Integers – Positive and Negative – 6th grade
Interior Angles of a Polygon – Sum
Least Common Multiple – 6th grade
Linear Inequalities – Graphing
Long Division- 6th grade
Math Terms – 6th grade
Mean and Standard Deviation – High School Level
Number Line – 6th grade
Number Line – Real World – 6th Grade
Ordered Pairs – 6th grade
Order of Operations
Percent of a Quantity – 6th grade
Quadratic Formula
Quadratic Functions – Graphing
Quadratic Inequalities – Graphing
Radians to Degrees – High School
Slope from an Equations
Slope from a Graph
Slope from Two Points
Solving a System of Linear Equations by Graphing!
Solving a System of Linear Equations by the Substitution Method!
Solving a System of Linear Equations by the Elimination Method!
Ratios and Tables – 6th grade
Triangles – Classifying as Acute, Obtuse, or Right
Unit Rate – 6th grade