Tim Unkert

Hi everyone, I just wanted to let you know that I’ve started a new course on my YouTube channel, check it out below.

Also on my YouTube channel you’ll find other videos on how I’ve been automating worksheet creation with Python, Javascript, C#, Java, and C++ for my Teachers Pay Teachers store.




I’ve also started a 90s style blog experiment located at https://timunkert.net, the reasons for that being:

  • I wanted to see how much traffic an old school blog could get (as measured by Google Analytics) – it’s doing well which proves content is king (110 new visitors and 532 page clicks just 24 days after it’s creation on 11/12/21), by comparison “good” normal is ~10 visitors after the first month of creation.
  • I wanted something simple to go along with my YouTube courses. I find I can type a markdown file that is 1500 words long that is full of useful content very quickly if I’m not worried about widgets, style, etc – it’s all about content. I then take that markdown and convert it to html via markdown-it (a node package) or pandoc, both of which are free and easy.
  • I’m not a guy who likes “fluffy” sites – so many sites I go to are full of flash without content … and they load slow. This loads super fast because it’s almost all plain html, outside of the Google Analytics and Google Adsense scripts.
  • Nostalgia

Anyways, please check it out!