I started http://www.iwillsolvethat.com to help students increase their math proficiency. While teaching math as a middle and high school teacher I realized that some students need extra help outside of the classroom. I offered time before and after school for extra help but many students’ schedules prevented them from seeking that extra help. In addition I noted many teachers offered tutoring but only on a limited basis and when they did tutor they were too exhausted from the day to be truly effective.

My solution was to start a full time tutoring business. I’ve had the experience from teaching in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Colorado to know when students will hit a wall and a solution to walk around it or just plow right through it! Now that I’ve made tutoring my primary focus, I have the energy to fully address your student’s problems.

Here are my qualifications:

CT Hartford Public Schools Middle School Math Intervention Teacher – in this role I worked with students who struggled in math to get them back up and competitive with their peers.

MA Danvers Algebra Teacher – I worked 8th grade students who were above their peers in the honors classes and helped them keep their competitive advantage.

CO Eagle County Schools Alternative High School Math Teacher – in this role I worked with high school students who struggled in math and in a traditional school setting. I set up theme based math courses, like “BloodSport Math,” to teach them the concepts in a fun different way.

CO Eagle County Schools High School Math Teacher – In this role I worked with standard level and honors level math students setting the bar high in a silver medal school whose motto was, “You can’t high jump over a low bar!”

CO Eagle County Schools Curriculum Developer – In this role I worked with a smaller team of math teachers to plan and develop math units for the following school year. I worked with Common Core standards in this role, delving deep into each standard. While in this role, I realized most teachers did not have a good understanding of each standard. I worked with other experienced professionals to more precisely define each standard.

Not only did I teach students math, but I also encouraged them to pursue math. I show students not only math but why math is important. I also have a sense of adventure, as you may have noticed with my travels. I like to make math adventurous and fun, which is another reason your student will enjoy my tutoring.

I encourage you to sign your student up today. The sooner your student tackles their math problems, the sooner they will succeed!