A Bipartisan Math Problem – CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.8.EE.C.8.c

Hillary and Trump are raising money. Hillary can raise $700,000 in campaign money a day. Trump can raise $140,000 in a campaign money a day but has $2,000,000,000 to start with while Hillary only has $31,300,000. How many days will it take them to have an equal amount of money? (Note: in reality candidates don’t really combine personal finances and campaign finances but it is a fun question to figure out anyways).

Set up Trump’s total money equation:

Trump’s total money = 140,000x + 2,000,000,000

Set up Hillary’s total money equation:

Hillary’s total money =700,000x + 31,300,000

Solve for x, x = ~3,516 days or about 9.6 years for them to have equal amounts of money (personal and campaign)

A bipartisan math problem. Share if you are tired of political stuff trying to prove one candidate is worse morally than the other and not dealing with any real issues facing the country. (Note: this does not deal with any real issues either, it is just a fun 8th grade level math problem)

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