The n + 1 equation

While the n + 1 equation is not technically a Common Core standard it may be the most important equation in mathematics if you are a skier, snowboarder, road cyclist, or mountain biker. It unites all athletes who buy sporting equipment actually.

Well, how does it work you say? It’s very simple. Let us take the case of a skier. The amount of skis the skier should have = n + 1. n represents the number of skis that the skier currently has. So if the skier has 2 pairs of skis then the skier should have 3 according to the n + 1 equation. When they buy a 3rd pair they should have 4 pairs. In this way the skier should always be on the lookout for the next great pair of skis.

This equation can be applied to almost any sporting goods. It can be applied to bikes, snowboards, roller blades, running shoes, etc. You name it!

So now if your significant other, sibling, or child has n bikes, skis, etc. and they are looking to buy another bike, ski, etc. you will understand why they need to according to the equation! I hope that helps.

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