Ratios and Proportional Relationships Unit – 7th Grade

Are you a middle school teacher who is stressed out and overworked? I know I was! That is why I created a way to make it easier on you!

For teachers entering into the unit labeled, “Ratios and Proportional Relationships,” in 7th grade I have a special deal. For only a $47 annual membership you get:

  • 12 forty five minute lesson plans
  • My video on my 7 tips for classroom management
  • My 3 videos on literacy in mathematics for this unit
  • My optional homework assignments
  • My weekly warm up sheets
  • And my essential questions for each of the three standards!
  • Any updates throughout the year of your annual membership!

Whoa! What a steal! If you want to sign up just click here.

And if you want to preview a lesson for free visit my teachers pay teachers store here.


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