CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.7.RP.A.3 – Tax and Tip

A problem for Common Core standard CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.7.RP.A.3

McPuckles Restaurant menu is listed below. They charge a 6% sales tax and an 18% percent gratuity based on the pre-tax price of the meal. Choose from the menu below for a party of four, making sure to get a drink and desert for each person. Calculate the total Cost.

McPuckles Menu

Main Course:

Big Guy Buff Man Burger and Fries $10.95

Yummy to the Tummy Chicken Sandwich and Fries $11.59

Pastalicious Spaghetti and Meatballs $12.95

Heart Healthy Dinner Salad $9.95 Add a meat $3 (chicken, beef, or tofu)

Nitro Nachos $12.99 Add a meat $3 (chicken, beef, or steak)


Likalicious Soda $1.95

Lemons Lemonade $2.50

Grapply Grape Juice $2.99


Chocoyummy Mud Pie $4.95

Simply Yummy Sunday $3.99

Bananatastic Bread Pudding $2.57

How much does your total meal cost?


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